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Light shows professionalism

Lighting in modern offi ce and administration buildings must above all perform two basic functions. It must create a pleasant environment for in which people can concentrate and work effectively, and it must create the right atmosphere so that customers and visitors can easily fi nd their way around and feel comfortable and welcome. The important thing here is for the lighting to be suitable for the
particular sector of industry, the tasks to be carried out and the zones in which these tasks are performed.

Light provides special services.

Call centres should not give out an air of hectic activity but should of calm assurance and
com petence. If the people in call centres are to provide prompt and “transparent” answers to questions they need to concentrate properly, for which they need optimum lighting at their desks and especially around their screens. To prevent unnecessary noise from other workers and from customers the workplaces are usually enclosed in sound-absorbent half-height partitions. These elements are ideal for attaching indirect luminaires fi tted with high-wattage compact fl uorescent lamps. Individual lighting requirements can then be met with additional desk lights for the immediate workspace.


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