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Light for Industry

Switch over to climate protection!
With energy-saving OSRAM lamps you can save electricity and help fight global warming.

Light increases productivity.

Benefi t from better light and improve safety and productivity at the same time. Achieve the best possible results with effi cient lighting, much lower long-term operating costs and reduced maintenance. This brochure presents selected sample applications showing characteristic lighting tasks in factories and craft industries – and how these tasks can best be performed with the right lamps, control gear and lighting systems from OSRAM.
As a lighting professional with more than 100 years of experience, OSRAM has always been at the forefront of developments in all these areas. We are responsible for numerous inventions, much pioneering work and extensive development work. All our products are characterised by state-ofthe-art technology, maximum functionality and reliable quality.

Light is the best recipe.

The top priorities for companies in the food processing industry are cleanliness, hygiene and the quality of their products. Lamps with excellent colour rendering are needed so that inspectors can properly assess the freshness of the food. Special fl uorescent lamps with splinter protection sleeves are available so that food is not contaminated by shards of glass if a lamp breaks (during installation for example). To ensure high standards of hygiene in production plants and kitchens bright background lighting is needed so that dirt or other contaminants can be easily detected.


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